Act 8 Health & Safety

Host Group's purpose built Health, Safety, Environment & Training Management System is based on the Act 8 Golden Rules.

ACT8 manages Host's safety performance & compliance across the Group company structure.

ACT8 was built during the establishment of Host Group through a safety diagnostic which looked at completed project risks, industry standards, incidents rates and frequencies applicable to the high risk tasks the company executes. These include working at heights, confined space entry, isolations and vehicle interactions.

The system allows live data and document management access to all employees including trades, supervisors, managers and clients regardless of their location.

ACT8 is currently established to measure safety management performance and management tools, however we plan to innovate with the development of its user interface.

The design improvements include online induction and training portals to ensure quality information is communciated to all staff and clients.

Futher technology is also being developed with a planned customised application to enable live reporting of hazards, notifcations, risk assesment tools and employee sign in.

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